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Needle Free Microneedling

What is Microneedling? and why your skin can benefit.

Liquid Microneedling is one of the hottest new treatments for those who don’t love spending weeks inside post treatment. This is a fantastic option for all skin types and fills the gap for people who may not want to spend more time and $$ getting the typical microneedling services at a doctors office. There is No Downtime, No Blood, and also no numbing needed as it is a no pain solution.

The Beginner level is called Miracletox and can be done in treatment and at home. You will start in the studio so you are comfortable and understand how the skin responds. This level has 10,000 microneedles in each ampoule and is meant to be done every week for four weeks. The Higher level, Cellstory has 50,000 micro needles per treatment and can be done every two weeks for best results. People can expect to see an improvement in the skin within five to seven days.

Sponge spicules

The science behind the innovative treatment is the “microspears,” or spicules, liquid microneedles

derived from freshwater sponges. These tiny needles also contain epidermal growth factor (EGF).

Massaging the formula into the skin allows the microspears to penetrate the skin, stimulating collagen production twofold. This treatment can also help with congestion and fine lines.

A study comparing the efficacy of a treatment with spicules to that of a chemical peel of 40% glycolic acid demonstrated that not only were the liquid microneedles more effective at treating blackheads, skin dullness, redness, and discoloration than the AHA option but it significantly reduced transepidermal water loss post-procedure. In another study comparing treatment with a topical EGF product and EGF-infused spicules, the latter group showed a significant improvement in dermal density and dermal tissue depth as well as decreased wrinkle severity.

At Golden Hour Skincare each treatment is combined with hydration, massage and a cooling

treatment to help alleviate heat and prickling from the spicules. The treatment feels like a tingling

sensation that warms as the solution is massaged into the skin. It does not feel like pain rather a

prickling sensation. You will also feel a warming sensation which is soothed in the second part of the treatment. What I love most about this treatment it can be performed on skin that has been excluded from other microneedling procedures like acne and darker skin tones. It can be performed over active acne and help with post inflammatory erythema and dark marks.

Each Cellstory treatment is 50 minutes and $325.00

A Miracletox treatment is 50 minutes and $250 , you will receive three additional ampoules to be

completed weekly at home.

Post-care products are provided for maximum results.

Before you book your appointment, Check out these incredible Before and Afters

Microneedling service

Micro Needling by Golden Hour Skincare

Microneedling service by Golden Hour Skincare

Microneedling by Golden Hour Skincare

Microneedling by Golden Hour Skincare

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